Our Story

A dream that was over a decade in the making, we’ve wanted to make wines we love and share with the people we love.


It all started in 2012 when Michael and Waverly met in Anderson Valley, working as harvest interns at Goldeneye Winery. They instantly shared a common passion, making wine. That special period of time was named “ The Harvest of Love” as Waverly and Michael fell head over heels for each other and did what they also loved most, making wine. While they were still learning the art of winemaking, and were fortunate to learn from exceptional mentors, they always knew that one day they would produce their own label, and 11 years later, that day has finally come. So much thought and care has been poured into this wine project, and many more ideas are on their way.

Pinot Noir... hands downs our favorite grape varietal. With over 15 years of 
understanding the grape in the vineyards, fermenting in the winery, and perfecting a desired wine style, we will always produce a Pinot Noir, expressive to its unique vintage.

As we live in Napa, it only felt appropriate to make a Cabernet Sauvignon. We have been fortunate to acquire access to very high-end Cab vineyard sources, and therefore the terroir will showcase a beautiful representation of Napa Valley in bottle.

Our Label

Our label holds special significance to us as our dear friend, Lyndsey Rocca, hand drew and gifted this artwork to us on our wedding day. It resembles each of our Druid trees and how they are both different yet compatible and connect together as one within their roots. As we have been dreaming of this project since we met under the redwoods many years ago, this art represents us now more than ever, and we are so honored to tie it together with Accurso Wines.